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Luxair Looks Forward

How Luxembourg's National Airline Aims to Lay the Foundations of a Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Future.

Efficient, sustainable and forward-facing:

Luxair serves as an integral aspect of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, representing it's forward-facing and international identity, with great emphasis placed on environmental responsibility. In an ever-changing and rapidly developing world, there has never been a greater call for increased sustainability, and more ergonomic energy usage. Air travel is a facet of modern life that unites people across a distance of thousands of miles, but many fear that without proper significance placed on reducing the ecological stresses of this unique industry, that the carbon footprint left behind by air travel could limit its role in the world of tomorrow. Luxair understands this concern and has made a dedicated effort to both reduce its carbon footprint and mitigate its energy usage wherever possible, while also committing to a series of pledges intended to ensure that their companies’ legacy will be one of conscientious, efficient and sustainable business practices. Together they lay the foundations of a bright and prosperous future.


The luxair fleet renewel plan:

A crucial aspect of Luxair's efforts to increase sustainability is the regular development and improvement of their fleet of Boeing passenger jets. The Luxair Fleet Renewel Plan sees each aircraft fitted with technological advances, such as the Split Scimitar Winglets, intended to both limit fuel usage and CO2 emissions. Another contributing factor is the lighter, more streamlined design of the aircraft favoured by Luxair. Each aircraft is regularly retrofitted with new, ergonomic engines, with a saving of 4% in fuel usage. Flight routes are carefully considered, with fuel-efficiency in mind, and assigned to the aircraft best suited. Medium-haul flights, for example, are the handled by the ultra-modern De Havilland Q800. This, the latest addition to Luxair's fleet, is considered to be the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft on the market today.


“As part of their pledge to reduce overall emissions by 20%, the Luxair Fleet Renewal Plan sees each aircraft fitted with technological advances, and lighter, more streamlined designs.”


A pledge and a precedent for the future:

The importance of reusing and recycling as much as possible within the air travel industry is not lost on Luxair. That's why they've reimagined their on-board catering services, decreasing the reliance on single-use products in favour of a new, more renewable approach, with a greater emphasis on recycled and recyclable materials, as well as locally sourced products. Luxair's commitment to environmental sustainability is a key factor in their plans. They have pledged to reduce their emissions by 20%, and already, through a combination of hangar insulation, energy-saving LED lightbulb usage and a fleet of over 200 electric vehicles, they have seen a reduction of 33%. This sets an excellent precedent for the industry overall and serves as the foundation for the companies’ bright future.

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