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Atlantis Financiers: Delivering on FinTech

A time comes when the promise of technology becomes part of our daily lives. While “FinTech” is the current rage, a firm like Atlantis Financiers are delivering the fruits of financial technology. Now they have chosen Luxembourg as the most desirable environment to expand the delivery of automated financial services.


Abolishing the speed limit


Any business that has applied for a new commercial mortgage or to refinance an existing one knows just how time-consuming it is to seek approval from a lending institution. It sometimes feels that the growing regulatory requirements like PSD2 and KYC have switched the process to slow motion. Now, Capilex SA, a subsidiary of the promising Dutch FinTech, Atlantis Financiers, has brought state-of-the-art technology to the financial services. It is developing its portfolio into a wider range of artificial intelligence and algorithm-driven solutions to problems faced by companies and individuals. Luc van Laarhoven is CEO of Capilex says, “Our technology enables us to manage all our contracts - and raise potential red flags about our clients or their ecosystem in real-time by automating the analysis of data received from different partners. Banks take months to do this.”


Capilex Graph.jpeg

“Our technology enables us to manage all our contracts - and raise potential red flags about our clients or their ecosystem in real-time.” 

Opportunities in plain sight


Capilex has expanded its structure beyond its main, original product, automated, mortgage-backed lending. Lex Gielen CEO of the parent company, Atlantis Financiers says, “Capilex is not a bank. It does not take deposits. Instead, we have institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals who invest in a fast-growing business with a very secure and fully compliant organisation.” Capilex has established its headquarters in Luxembourg, says Mr. Gielen because “We feel that it is the best possible country from which to grow this business, initially in the Netherlands, the Benelux region and then around the world.” He adds his view that Luxembourg has excellent financial infrastructure, a forward-thinking community and supportive legislation. “Having joined the LHoFT (Luxembourg’ fintech innovation hub), we feel that we’re in the right place at the right time and that we can become a leader in our field,” he says.


Developing the structure


Investment in technology has allowed Atlantis Financiers to develop complementary businesses within its company structure. These can solve problems and create opportunities for Atlantis Financier’s clients. The parent company is fully operational, providing SME credit through factoring and leasing structures., another subsidiary of Atlantis Financier, is fully operational as a AltFin (Alternative Investment) site. Atlantis Financiers has also developed products that inform clients about the creditworthiness of their business partners including and although these are "paused" while the firm focusses on That is fully operational and assist accountants, real estate firms, lawyers and art dealers etc. to comply with the laws preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. 

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