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Luc Falempin (Tokeny): A Bridge Between Blockchain and Finance 

"In three to five years, our standards will be used for most issuances of financial securities", explains Luc Falempin. The ambitions of Tokeny’s CEO are at the height of the success encountered by the fast-growing company. Interview. 


Can you introduce Tokeny in a few words? 

Tokeny defines itself as a software publisher enabling financial institutions to issue, manage and transfer financial assets and products on blockchain. 

“Blockchain infrastructures will become the norm for private markets” 



How are your customers' needs changing? 

 Year after year, we observe that the benefits brought by blockchain are better understood by the financial industry. Initially, our solutions were primarily used to facilitate investor onboarding and to create proof of ownership with blockchain. Now our clients can carry out all the operations necessary for the life of a financial security. Whether issuers, agents or distributors, our white label solutions enable full control of digital securities management. New services are provided to their investors who can now discover investment opportunities on digital marketplaces, trade P2P on the secondary market and easily manage their portfolio of tokenized securities. Many possibilities are emerging with decentralized finance. We are gradually trying to open up new uses while automating compliance with investor and consumer protection rules. 


Where do you see Tokeny in three to five years? 

 Tokeny wants to be the blockchain infrastructure access provider for financial institutions. We want to be the bridge between the technical and secure infrastructure and the operational needs of financial players in activities such as compliance, transfers and corporate actions. In three to five years, our standards will be used for most issues of financial securities. Blockchain infrastructures will become the norm for private markets and Tokeny will enable easy access by providing a set of necessary technical, legal and operational solutions. 

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