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Pierre Thomas (La Vie est Belle): real estate investment in Miami

Pierre Thomas, Founder & Partner of La Vie est Belle, describes premium real estate in Florida, an unusual investment vehicle. Interview.

Can you describe La Vie est Belle in a few words?

La Vie est Belle's core business consists of building and reselling premium "French-style" villas at exclusive locations in Miami and surrounding areas. But our mission does not end there. Through our Luxembourg investment fund, we enable our clients to make a short-term, highly-profitable investment in these high-end promotional projects. In total, more than 20 developments have already been successfully funded over an average promotional period of three years, with high annual profitability. In other words, La Vie est Belle is an alternative to riskier investments offering a higher margin, lower risk and greater market stability, thanks to its solid real estate experience.


“We only select promotional projects with minimum profitability of 30%.”

What are the advantages of a premium real estate investment?  

We start from a premise: there is a very high demand for new luxury villas located at prime locations in Greater Miami, but very few on offer. Prices are therefore rising as in Luxembourg; land of this type is scarce and high-end real estate projects are selling quickly. Thanks to rigorous criteria, including the choice of location and a realistic financing plan, we only select villa development projects with minimum gross profitability of 30%. This strategy, which has been applied for six years on some 20 projects, offers only advantages to investors. They are focusing on a tangible product, in the short term and with high profitability calculated with caution since the beginning of the project. In addition to offering a lower level of risk, our bank refinancing capacity at the end of the building work allows our investors to recover their capital before the actual sale of the villa if they so wish.

What types of projects do you offer your customers?


We offer two investment options to our clients. The first is a private bond with an ISIN code for sophisticated investors over three years with an annual return of 8% for a minimum investment of €125,000. A new three-year bond issue will be offered to investors on November 15 to finance, among other things, the future villa development in Hillsboro Beach (1105 Hislboro Miles), north of Miami. The second, called "Club Deal," allows you to invest as a partner of the US company directly in the project. This participation, which has a minimum investment of $600,000, ensures a much higher return: for example, our first six projects sold have an average annual rate of return for the investor of more than 14% each. This 21st construction project launched by La Vie est Belle is open to investors for an amount of $5.6 million per investment. The 22nd project will be presented in the last quarter.

Disclaimer: This document does not constitute a commercial offer of securities, advice or solicitation in any way. The information is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to provide you with specific financial, tax, legal, accounting or other advice regarding investments, and you should not make a decision based solely on such information without seeking the advice of a professional to take into account your particular circumstances and ensure that the information is the most recent.

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