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AG2R La Mondiale Epargne Patrimoniale: Championing a Growing European Wealth Insurance Market 

Loic Le Foll, Global Head of AG2R La Mondiale Epargne Patrimoniale and CEO of La Mondiale Europartner, reveals how his company plans to transform the European wealth insurance landscape through digital innovation, robust product offering and progressive regulatory harmonization.

What challenges did the life insurance sector in Luxembourg face in 2023? 

The life insurance landscape in Luxembourg experienced a turbulent 2023, characterized by a swift increase of the interest rates leading to more competition from term deposits banking products and especially leading to increased life insurance redemptions and a lower than usual collection rate (-15% according to CAA). Despite these challenges, the sector demonstrated remarkable resilience, underpinned by strong fundamentals. From example, the junction where baby boomers, now reaching 80 to 85 years, begin transferring wealth to their descendants, presents a significant opportunity for life insurance as a tool for retirement planning. The latter part of 2023 saw a slight decrease in rates, heralding a bright start for 2024. This period underscored life insurance's vital role in providing a sound and stable solution in a very unstable macro-economic context, offering a prudent approach to retirement preparation amidst fluctuating economic conditions.

How is the Euro Fund evolving to adapt to these conditions? 

The Euro Fund has adeptly navigated the tumultuous financial environment through strategic resilience mechanisms. By leveraging the Provision for Profit Sharing insurers have been able to bolster the fund's yield, The Euro Fund has emerged from 2023 stronger, underscoring the insurance sector's adeptness at navigating financial uncertainties. This adaptability is crucial for maintaining competitiveness and ensuring the Euro Fund remains an attractive option for investors seeking stability liquidity and performance in their savings portfolios. 


"Our objective is to make AG2R La Mondiale Epargne Patrimoniale the reference platform for wealth insurance in Europe."

What are the future drivers for AG2R La Mondiale Epargne Patrimoniale?  

Looking ahead, three pivotal drivers are set to shape the future: mobility, digitalization, and human resources. Luxembourg's unique position allows it to offer products catering to a wealthy and highly mobile client base, targeting not just residents of France and Italy but also those residing in many other to countries like Portugal and Belgium. Digitalization stands as a critical competitive edge, with Luxembourg insurers among the first to adopt digital processes, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and client service. Furthermore, investment in recruitment and training is essential for sustaining industry leadership. Embracing these drivers aligns with our goal to establish AG2R La Mondiale Epargne Patrimoniale as the premier platform for wealth insurance in Europe, capitalizing on a unified market facilitated by European regulations and a growing demand for digital and accessible savings solutions.

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