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Jérôme Bloch (360Crossmedia): The Keys to Virality 

The immediacy of social networks and the constant flow of published information induce great ephemerality of content. Jérôme Bloch, CEO of 360Crossmedia, shares three keys to giving your publications maximum impact. Interview. 

What are the keys to virality on LinkedIn? 

When we take stock of social networks around the world, many bloggers achieve millions of views and thousands of likes. Alongside this phenomenon, Luxembourg seems to find itself in another dimension. Indeed, opinion leaders like Xavier Bettel reach an average of 500 likes and many peak at 50. LinkedIn remains an extraordinary tool for developing a business or its network, but you still have to use the right techniques. In my opinion, three of them stand out for their almost infallible impact: To inspire, share and win. And by choosing the ideal context, you increase performance even further. 

“LinkedIn remains an extraordinary tool for developing a business or its network, but you still have to use the right techniques” 

Can you give us examples? 

Inspiration is mostly about talking about things that affect us and evoke quite strong emotions. I am thinking, for example, of themes on a personal experience, human transformation or even on achieving ambitious challenges. In the field of sharing, “thought leadership” can be developed by making complex subjects accessible through a good article, a video, or even the publication of a book or a white paper. And obviously winning a gift, a publication, or an invitation to an event remains an old spring that still works very well. 


What was your record last year? 

There were two. The first was with François Masquelier, president of ATEL, whose post has exceeded 37,000 views. This performance was the result of a multi-year strategy combining the increase in the number of connections on LinkedIn from 5,000 to 16,000, a regular publication strategy and involvement in the posts of several influential players in the treasury industry. The second-best score was achieved during our last publication of the year in which I contributed 20 copies of my latest book “No Bullshit” to be won. The gift rule once again applied. In addition, by winning my work, I could inspire, share and offer a prize in the ideal context of the Christmas holidays.

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