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Josefa Peralba Ton (Sogelife): Recruiting for the future 

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Through careful recruitment and care for its staff, Josefa Peralba Ton of life insurance company Sogelife is showing how finance firms can prepare for the future. 

Attracting the right talent for the future 

With 150 employees, Sogelife is a company on a human scale. When recruiting, it doesn’t just look for business skills and expertise, but for candidates who will comfortably fit its image, values and culture. This is expressed through the slogan "The future is you". A simple message which means a lot. Work is no longer the main driver of fulfilment, candidates are looking for balance and meaning. But meaning is very personal, so Sogelife offers an environment in which everyone can develop in their own way. Within the company, there are enough fields of expertise, challenges to be met and technologies to be mastered for everyone to find their place. Working within the evolving field of life insurance, the company has to anticipate changes coming down the line, experimenting with new services, new processes and new approaches to customer relations. 

“It’s all about knowing how to work with others, how to connect in a real and meaningful way.” 

Why life insurance matters 

In life insurance, there is the word life. It can be a professional life project. As Sogelife employees have found, it is a constantly evolving field that can offer interesting challenges to those with the right values. Doing life insurance right is about preserving assets and passing them on from one generation to the next.. It involves grappling with ethical issues and navigating legal regulations, while finding the best investments. Recruits are faced with complex and challenging roles, in which they must be prepared to grow and adapt in a demanding field. Some come to the business to further their development in finance, but for others it's to work in digital innovation or product management, which requires and encourages their own specialist expertise. This is a field for the ambitious and those looking to develop. 

Strong staff and soft skills 

Finance is a competitive market, so retaining talent is crucial if a company is to thrive. For Sogelife, that means leaning into its own CSR values. An open and stimulating work environment with a personalised development path for each employee, affirms satisfaction for our diverse range of staff. Teleworking and strong public transport connections allow staff with families or physical limitations play a full part in the company, while reducing Sogelife’s climate footprint. The company is moving with the times, and it needs staff who can do the same, who enjoy adapting to shifting circumstances, developing new skills in preparation for roles that don’t yet exist. Soft skills are central to this, by knowing how to establish a meaningful connection and supporting others in their work. It’s not just about insurance; it’s about life.  

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