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Jil Fischer (House17): A club for professionals

Jil Fischer, Marketing & Events Manager, presents House17: a private club in the city centre for professionals who are looking for quality services and network development opportunities. Interview.


Can you briefly describe House17?  


A new kind of private club with a decidedly different feel, House 17 opened its doors in January 2014 in the centre of Luxembourg City. It combines daring style, high-quality service and a sophisticated cuisine. Innovative and original, it is inspired by London clubs and offers a contemporary interpretation, cultivating a casual yet elegant style which is conducive to relaxation and social connections. The diversity of organised events - whether cultural, culinary, lifestyle or simply pretexts for socialising - and the partnerships developed with affiliate clubs in other countries are just a few examples of services offered by House17.


“House 17 combines daring style, high-quality service and sophisticated cuisine”

What benefits do you offer your members?


With a focus on entertainment, discussions and networking, members have the opportunity to take part in a huge range of events organised by the club and they can also privatise the club’s rooms for private or professional events, free of rent. It would however be too simplistic to see House17 as a mere business club: members enjoy using the cigar lounge and the games room and are happy to spend time together at musical, artistic or simply celebratory evening events. On the culinary side of things, the restaurant reinterprets and enhances classic French and international cuisine, under the leadership of chef Alexis Julien who is inspired by the changing seasons. What’s more, House17 is developing partnerships and reciprocal agreements with other international members’ clubs in order to offer its members a range of special services and new experiences.


How do you see House17 developing over the next 5 years?


A new-generation private club for a new generation of members: Since the clientele already consists of professionals who want to expand their network and who are relatively young compared to other “traditional” clubs, the initial focus is on House 17 becoming “the place to be” in Luxembourg. The sociable feel of the club is one of its greatest strengths: it offers a warm welcome, dynamic and friendly service and a great atmosphere which helps members to connect. We live in an era in which the rulebooks are being rewritten and our club is no exception: stuffy formality is gradually giving way to elegant simplicity. With its surprising, appealing modernity, House 17 could really become an ambassador for Luxembourg.



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