Ixellion: Fostering innovation to develop the technology of tomorrow

In just five years since its establishment by a leading Italian expert, Ixellion has become a driver of industrial innovation, particularly in the development and exploitation of new materials. Its focus is on backing projects and companies whose technology will help meet the challenges of a resource-challenged planet and its growing population.

Innovative technological vision

Ixellion is a technological-financial holding company founded by Italian innovation expert Antonio Sedino in 2016, based on a vision of developing innovative industrial technologies that are not only profitable but offer benefits locally and globally by meeting the challenges faced by the planet and its growing population in a future where resources must be used more carefully and intelligently. Over the past five years it has expanded into a group with assets of more than €2.2bn, mainly consisting of materials, including high-purity nickel wire used in sectors like  aerospace and rail, as well as copper nano-powders, iridium wire and titanium. It is currently active in nano-structured composite materials, waste-to-energy systems, advanced electric motors and propulsion systems for vehicles ranging from aircrafts, boats and torpedoes, to cars, motorcycles and helicopters.. Ixellion’s growth has been driven in part by the use of a new financial approach thought to ensure the secure, transparent and lean use of capital, as well as by a focus on research and development, from fundamental research to prototyping and IP protection.

"Ixellion’s business philosophy focuses on resolving the dilemma that restricts innovation in today’s economic environment."

Resolving the innovation dilemma

Ixellion’s business philosophy focuses on resolving the dilemma that restricts innovation in today’s economic environment: big companies that have the financial strength to develop and apply innovation struggle to do so fast engough, while successful start-ups are often hampered by a lack of funds, and finding an investor costing them their independence and creativity as well as time-to-market. Ixellion’s vision is to ensure that innovation materialises by selecting mature, scalable, profitable and essential projects ready to be developed, and helping bring them to fruition with the finance and networking support needed to achieve success. It targets acquisitions aimed at capitalising on patents or IP rights, companies for which the group’s innovative materials expertise is transformational, and other small and medium-sized companies within the EU (and sometimes outside) with unique propositions and competitive advantage in niche markets.

"Ixellion targets companies for which the group’s innovative materials expertise is transformational"

Expanding markets

Many of the markets in which Ixellion is targeting opportunities have enormous potential, according to research providers. For instance, conductive carbon fibre is a breakthrough innovation in a €260bn market (according to MarketsandMarkets) in which the group is targeting a  market share within 10 years.materials end of life market, in which Ixellion aims to be an active provider of small-scale local waste-to-energy plants, is predicted to reach more than €40bn; components such as aircrafts  bleed ducts, nacelles, exhausts andinteriors is expected to become a market worth more than €24bn; electric engines and platforms including boats, rolling stock, aircrafts and drones have a huge potential. The common thread running through the technologies and markets in which Ixellion is active is that innovation should serve the needs of the world of tomorrow, whether driving the circular economy, creating lighter but stronger materials that deliver increased efficiency and reduce consumption, or improving waste management and transformation of non-recyclable materials to minimise pollution.