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John Galt (Husk): Tethered to opportunity 

Husky Luxembourg, the global leader in injection moulding and consumer plastics, sees the EU directive on single use plastics as an opportunity – for growth and sustainability.  Once a sleeping giant, the plastics industry is now the focal point of a global campaign to improve sustainability, product packaging and CO2 reduction. By doubling down on their values – customer focus, superior engineering, maximised productivity and cost reduction – HUSKY Luxembourg believes there are a number of variables that make meeting the 2024 deadline an opportunity for both their partners, customers and more than 1000 employees in Luxembourg alone. Here are three reasons why.  


Intuitive Tethering 2024 

Officially known as ‘Single Use Plastics Directive 2019/904’, the deadline ensures that brands who wish to participate in the European market must now have a capping strategy as of July 2024.  Be it closures, capping, containers or moulded cap technology, all plastic beverage containers of three litres or less that have twist-off caps must also have a tethering. HUSKY sees this as an opportunity to help brands meet a consumer base that is now concerned about aesthetics and ethics. The new consumer will prefer a brand that considers its consumer, as well as their concerns for the environment.  The ethically minded customer is sensitive to price, it just so happens they also care about brand positioning and user experience also.  That goes for the distribution partners as well, who are looking to reduce the cost of freight and CO2 emissions. HUSKY’s innovation meets every step in the product lifecycle, from margins to mission statement.







‘Post-Consumer’ Plastics  

HUSKY’s unique rPET technology means a product lifecycle that is literally limitless.  Using a proprietary injection moulding system that uses mostly recycled plastics – and are themselves subject to limitless recycling – HUSKY has directly contributed to reducing the need for ‘virgin plastics’. Part of its gamut of injection moulding systems that maximise productivity, minimise variability and reduce maintenance to ensure the lowest possible cost of production, the range of rPET systems are the most efficient HUSKY moulding systems to date. With the capacity to deliver millions of trouble-free repeatable production cycles, they limit variability and quality.    


Branding for Compliance, Differentiation and Durability  

Brands know that today’s customer cares. HUSKY has prepared a series of injection moulding opportunities that enable product differentiation on the shelf, user durability and technical compliance. A branding strategy that considers environmental responsibility – using less energy and raw materials, producing less waste – whilst producing the strongest and lightest products is one that can be advertised.  Brands know criteria such as these will be decisive factors in forming loyalty in the consumer habits of the future.   

“Husky’s gamut of tethered solutions has been developed with the end-user in mind.  Designs come in a range of applications including full-closure, snap-on and premium.”    

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