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Human Capital Focus

Ernest Freylinger (Human Capital Focus): “The Importance of Being (not too!) Earnest” 

At the head of Human Capital Focus for two decades, Ernest Freylinger helps companies to create tailor-made recruitment and training programs, while also inspiring people of various profiles through his committed coaching! 


A rock and roll character 

Passionate about vintage cars, music and sailing, Ernest also loved dancing and practiced acrobatic rock and roll, Latin and Standard dances, but also Argentine tango at a competitive level. He launched himself with the same passion into Human Resources, where he still appreciates the exchanges necessary to attract, train, motivate, develop and ultimately inspire. During his career he officiated at Auchan, Kühne & Nagel, Sodexo. During a karting session with colleagues, he had difficulty applying the brakes. A little later, during walks, he gradually found himself at the back of the group. The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis changed his life. In the same year, 2003, he joined the company "Human Capital Focus." 

"What gives me the most pleasure is meeting people who have taken our courses and who have found their professional vocation" 


Praise of logistics 

With his direct style, Ernest does not beat around the bush. To those who ask him if the disease has any positive aspects, he replies bluntly: “I have been living in a form of confinement for twelve years.” Receiving friends at home, going shopping, going for a walk, a professional meeting, even the smallest project involves heavy organization and logistics. Nothing positive, but nothing negative either. “In life you always have a choice: you just have to want to see it. I could have ordered 365 bottles of wine in the first year, closed the shutters, live din seclusion and seen how things change every day. Or I had the choice to observe and analyze what I could bring and achieve on my scale.” A few decades later, Human Capital Focus celebrates its 20th anniversary. Ernest keeps the same energy, the same passion to share his skills and desires intact. “I think a lot of people understand the lessons from my story - that setting our goals in life don't mean that the path is clear. We have to constantly make adjustments, while continuing to move forward.” 



20 years 

NLP, graphology, hypnosis, neurosciences, business strategy, psychology. To remain effective in the field of human resources, Ernest and his team are constantly training in the techniques that can help them accomplish their mission. “Recruitment and training in Luxembourg are becoming critical issues within companies. When people come to see us, they are looking for a salary. We help them to re-motivate themselves in order to find a passion beyond a simple function!" But Ernest defines himself above all as a man on the ground: “What gives me the most pleasure is meeting people who have taken our courses and who have found their professional vocation.” 

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