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Gustavo Gimeno (Philharmonie Luxembourg): Work and emotions

Gustavo Gimeno has conducted the OPL in a variety of concert formats in Luxembourg, as well as in Munich, Amsterdam, Cologne, Vienna, Madrid, and many other locations throughout Europe. Gustavo Gimeno is also in great demand worldwide as a guest conductor. For 2017/18 he has been invited back to the the Wiener Symphoniker, the Philharmonia Zürich, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestre National de France and many more. Interview.


Can you present the OPL in a few words?


The OPL was originally the orchestra of the RTL Radio, which was founded in 1933. Nowadays it’s called OPL and it is the in-house orchestra of the wonderful Philharmonie, which is a very important cultural venue, architecturally very attractive and with excellent acoustics. The team of the orchestra is the same team as of the Philharmonie, which is an extremely dynamic, multicultural and capable group of professionals which present lots of activities ranging from educational concerts to world music and includes the regular visit of the most renowned classical music artists, chamber music groups and orchestras every season.

“It means a lot of work, dedication and responsibility.”


How does it feel to conduct a philharmonic orchestra?


It means a lot of work, dedication and responsibility …and is very challenging at different levels. But being in contact with music making on a daily basis is as well extremely rewarding and enriching.


What is the value that OPL is creating for a country like Luxembourg?


The OPL does not only perform the greatest music compositions of the history every week in the Philharmonie, but is as well deeply involved in the education of the next generations. But the OPL does as well tour actively outside Luxembourg and we feel proud of being cultural ambassador of the country.


Can you share with us anecdotes that illustrate the power of music as a way to connect people and countries?


Sometimes you see musicians sitting next to each other who don’t speak the same language and therefore can’t communicate with words…but you see and hear them playing the same notes, with the same intensity and character, and sharing emotions…and then you can as well see in their faces what making music together and communicating at a different level does with the human spirit, and how music creates bridges between people and cultures. This gives musicians and the people around  a very special kind of joy which words can’t easily define, and which as well teach us about ourselves and tell us about mankind.

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