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Ian Atkinson (  Redefining Today’s Digital Culture For Tomorrow


“We are taking our digital culture to new levels,” says Ian Atkinson, COO of, as the company leads the way in defining tomorrow’s digital culture


Can you tell your story in a few words?

My career has been diverse: Working in the US, the Nordics, and even the oil and gas industry in Africa and Iraq. I consider myself a generalist and a transformation specialist. Over 22 years, I aimed to absorb diverse skills and broad knowledge, from finance to risk to operations to legal. Today, my role is to help our team focus on three key priority areas while working together to keep building the best possible working culture and operations: Continually enhancing our operational structure, talent development, and client-centricity.


“We act as a digital culture catalyst for our clients.” 

Why did you choose

I gave up the Caribbean – where I was planning to open a business - to join because I believe in this team, the product, and its potential. The asset management industry suffers from inefficiency due to manual and antiquated processes. This results in increased risk within a complex regulatory framework and, of course, increased costs. For example, back-office operations need to quickly onboard many institutional investors within an ever-growing and complex control framework in shorter time frames. sets out to facilitate the transformation of these kinds of activities, working as an extension of our clients’ teams to help create certainty during the digitalisation process. To achieve this, our whole company shares a common code: Defining how we select and develop talent, establish trust and ownership, enable creative thinking and ultimately deliver a cultural and operational framework that allows each team member to design their way of working within it. In short, we pioneer new ways of working for us and our industry. 

What is your vision for

We are leveraging our impressive client base to raise a sizeable series-A investment to accelerate our growth. As one of the leading FinTechs in Luxembourg for digital transformation, we serve a growing number of Tier-1 institutions. TMF, for example, are using our solution and have recently rolled our platform out globally to 85 markets for client onboarding, soon to be followed by investor onboarding and transaction monitoring. This is a typical step-by-step approach that we utilise with all our clients to help them deliver operational excellence one process at a time. 

Our own potential is twofold - further expansion within the market and horizontal growth within existing clients’ businesses. The key for us right now is to leverage our robust digital culture. My vision is for us to lead by example for the asset management industry by demonstrating how to build today’s best digital culture and operations for tomorrow. We want to continue to act as a catalyst for our clients to boost their digital culture and help them focus on what matters most: Delivering value for their clients. 


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