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German Castignani (Motion-S): the age of data augmentation

Motions-s provides data augmentation services to mobility related businesses. Interview with German Castignani, co-founder of this upcoming Luxembourgish start-up.


Can you describe Motion-S in a few words?


Motion-S is a spin off from the University of Luxembourg founded in 2014. Our expertise is on the augmentation of mobility data collected from any external source - smartphones, dongles and in-vehicle systems. By contextualizing and augmenting the mobility data, we are able to provide accurate profiles and scores that our B2B customers - insurance, car/ride-sharing, rental, car manufacturers - can use to have better segmentation of their users being able to provide best offers for their mobility-related business. Our augmentation platform offers one solution for multiple applications: beside of the scientific analysis and interpretation of the mobility data, our customers also gain native visibility and multiple touch points with their clients and prospects. We enable them to use our telematics platform and gamification UI to interact with their customers on a daily base, predict their demand and become their coordinator for mobility and related services. 


"We have been approached by almost all our dream customers, not only from the US but also from Asia and Europe."

What were your development challenges?


The proliferation of smartphones and connected vehicles has opened an opportunity for mobility actors to get into the Big Data business by collecting and processing mobility-related data and understand users' habitudes and needs. In particular for the InsurTech market, our customers had the need to understand how their final users were driving in order to understand which was their associated risk. Our development challenge was to be able to conceive a set of telematics metrics representing objective assessment of driving risk. This was a crucial innovative step in our development process, which allowed us to clearly differentiate from competition. The profiling and scoring methodology we propose is unique in that sense, providing a high-risk assessment by using correlations to road safety statistics.

What is Motion-S agenda for 2018?


After attending the CES in Las Vegas in January as one of the official representatives of Luxembourg, the interest and publicity for our services and solutions has grown enormously. We have been approached by almost all our dream customers, not only from the US but also from Asia and Europe. This is proof to us, that the interest and need for data augmentation is growing globally and our business is on the right track for the future. And in order to keep up with the high growing rate, we are looking for partners and investors so we can expand our team of specialists and reach out to new markets. We are targeting especially the European market in 2018 with an expansion to North America in 2019. Our own set goal is to have 1,000,000 augmented user profiles by the end of 2018 and 3,000,000 by the end of 2019.

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