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Pierre Thomas & Tanguy Besrest (Real Estate Premium Opportunity) :

Unlocking Real Estate Gold 

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Pierre Thomas, CEO and co-founder, and Tanguy Besrest, Managing Partner and co-founder, explain how in fast-moving real-estate markets, economic fluctuations open exciting investment opportunities. Interview 

How do you seize opportunities in these times of fluctuating interest rates? 

In the world of real estate, economic fluctuations are often fertile ground for new investment opportunities. Recently, changes in interest rates have opened the door to interesting possibilities. The real estate market is facing a shortage of financing, due to asset depreciation and a lack of appetite on the part of banks. Many players are unable to meet their financial obligations. This situation opens a host of opportunities for investors. Some players are being forced to give up their original financial stakes and enter negotiations to restructure their debts.

Why has geographic diversification become an essential strategy in real estate investment? 

Geographic diversification has become an essential strategy in real estate investment, as it enables investors to optimize returns while reducing risk. This approach provides a shield against local economic and geopolitical turmoil and ensures stability in a constantly shifting world. What's more, it offers the flexibility to seize opportunities as they arise. The Real Estate Premium Opportunity team focuses on projects in dynamic locations, where factors such as visibility, reputation, and geographical context are key to investment attractiveness.

How does Real Estate Premium Opportunity's expertise and international network benefit investors? 

Real Estate Premium Opportunity's experienced team, combined with its extensive global real estate network, optimizes opportunities in the sector. Their expertise in setting up investment structures enhances the quality of decisions and secures tangible co-owned assets for investors, offering capital protection. Moreover, their strategy, uncorrelated with stock markets, ensures more stable investment management. Based in Luxembourg, its team is targeting institutional clients and sophisticated investors with the launch of its new RAIF-type fund. Growing demand for real estate and private equity will support our growth.

"Geographical diversification has become an essential strategy in real estate investment."

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