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Jérôme Bloch (360Crossmedia): Mastering the Art of Social Influence.

Navigating the digital landscape, Jérôme Bloch, CEO of 360Crossmedia, shares insights on amassing over 8 million views.

How did you manage to significantly increase your social media visibility?

I embarked on a journey of understanding the underpinnings of genuine engagement on social platforms. The real breakthrough came when I internalized that nobody fundamentally cares about the individual; instead, they resonate with ideas and causes. I shifted my focus away from personal updates to sparking conversations around pressing topics. This pivot from self-promotion to fostering dialogue, especially on LinkedIn, led to an exponential increase in visibility. By aligning my posts with current affairs and maintaining a pulse on the evolving context, I've cultivated an audience eager for meaningful content. Interviews with figures like Ferran Adria and discussions on election dynamics in Luxembourg spurred a move from 1.2 million to 8 million views. This colossal jump was not just about sharing thoughts but inviting and valuing others' perspectives as well. The core lies in relevance and real-time responsiveness, ensuring each post taps into the zeitgeist of the moment.


"I regard social media as a mirror, reflecting one's convictions and the impact they can impart."

Why did you choose LinkedIn as your primary platform, and how do you maintain your posting schedule?

LinkedIn unfolded as the ideal arena for professional storytelling and community building. Unlike other social networks that people use for leisure, LinkedIn offers a conduit for thought leadership. I regard it as a sophisticated tool, akin to Salesforce, for nurturing my professional sphere. By consistently sharing insights and narratives that mirror my professional journey and civic interests, my followers have multiplied. Regular postings, sometimes thrice daily, are crucial. Each one articulates ideas with clarity and conviction, which resonates with a broader audience. Over the years, I've harnessed this platform not just for business expansion but as a fulcrum for societal discourse. The influence it enables, witnessed through the adoption of ideas by key figures, is a testament to its power. My advice is simple: share your vision and knowledge, and the community will grow organically around you. 


What advice would you give to others seeking to increase their social media presence?

Credibility, not just visibility, should be the aim. As one's following grows, the content must stand on the bedrock of integrity and well-researched information. Each post I craft is buttressed by an average of 45 minutes of research from a rich repository of data sources. This commitment to quality and factual accuracy has insulated me from the volatility of public opinion. Aiming for viral content can be a double-edged sword; if not handled with care, it could lead to public backlash. I stress the importance of being a responsible communicator, especially when discussing topics that strike a chord with many. My dedication to highlighting diverse societal issues and hidden champions in business has not only enhanced my credibility but also led to meaningful conversations on a wide range of pertinent issues. The strategy is to persistently build this community and contribute to the marketplace of ideas.


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