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CES 2019: tomorrow's innovations

Technological advances and innovations at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2019 brought together around 4,500 exhibitors in more than 290,000 m2 in Las Vegas. It was an event not to be missed for new technology enthusiasts. Between electronic, household and robotic gadgets, three strong elements marked this show.


A technological revolution: the flexibility of screens


Whether they are small or large, screens are taking up more and more space in everyday life. Companies have understood this and are improving the consumer experience by creating new and more innovative concepts. This is the case with Samsung’s range: “The Wall,” with a size of 556.26 cm and “The Windows” the dimensions of which can vary between 9x3, 1x7 and 5x1 cm. Their technology uses a Micro LED module to increase image quality. In the same vein, LG is revolutionizing television by offering roll-up screens. Thanks to mechanical arms, screens can be unwound and wound at will. This concept has been taken up by Royole whose gadget allows you to operate it either as a tablet or as a smartphone. Simply fold or unfold it as needed.


"Television hasn't said its last pixel yet"

Connected objects for a smart home


Innovations around the connected home using artificial intelligence had already been presented at CES 2018. For the 2019 CES, companies went even further. They went from the laundry folding machine working at the rate of 25 pieces every five minutes, presented by Foldimate, an Israeli start up, to the window washing robot which is kept upright thanks to sensors. Another invention presented at CES 2019, by the start-up company Havr, is the “Brightlock” function. No more endless hours looking for the house’s keys. Thanks to this application, the user can connect their smartphone to a lock in order to lock and unlock a door.


Concepts serving the health and the environment


To be in good health, it is recommended you walk 10,000 steps per day. With the more efficient, connected watches, this data is collected allowing you to remain consistent in your sporting activity. Other features such as the cardiogram or blood pressure measurement make it possible to regulate physical health and adapt training to the needs of individuals. Environmental issues are also on the agenda of the show, such as the connected fridge, which, thanks to an application, provides access to recipes for preparing meals with leftovers. French tech shone brightly on environmental issues during the 2019 CES, presenting a compact Spy Can to prevent water leakage and “Biopoolsafe” to eliminate all chemicals and reduce water consumption by 50%.

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