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Alain Bastin (BIL Manage Invest): Almost a decade of third-party management 

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BIL Manage Invest celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2023. The management company looks back on its achievements and the increasingly important role it plays within the strategy of the BIL group to which it belongs and in particular within BIL Asset Services, where Oliver Benner is Head of Strategic Development. Interview.  



How are your clients' needs changing?  


In recent years, the world, especially the fund industry has become much more complex. BIL Manage Invest's clients are faced with increased regulatory requirements and various other challenges, including substance, ESG investment solutions, and technologies such as DLT. They expect their service providers to support them with tailor-made solutions for their fund projects. In addition, with a global offering within BIL Asset Services, BIL Manage Invest has seen a sharp increase in demand over the last years for value-added services such as equity bridge financing or agency services. BIL Asset Services is convinced that these challenges are a great opportunity, and we are determined to meet, if not exceed, our clients’ expectations. 

"The BIL Manage Invest business model is quite unique in its market segment.”


Why do clients choose BIL Manage Invest and BIL?  


BIL Manage Invest sees itself as a "tailor-made boutique", as opposed to an industrial approach. BIL, on the other hand, has deep roots in Luxembourg since 1856 and has been a pioneer in the development of the Luxembourg fund industry. In just a few years, BIL Manage Invest has proven itself in asset servicing, where its offering encompasses a wide range of services in addition to our core business as an AIFM. We seek to seamlessly integrate into our clients' investment management processes and operating models so that they can focus on their objectives while BIL Asset Services takes care of the rest. Our clients particularly appreciate being served by multilingual and accessible teams who fully understand their needs. BIL Asset Services is committed to building genuine, long-term partnerships to support our clients in all their projects. BIL Manage Invest's business model is quite unique in its market segment: a management company that operates as a third-party provider, backed by the strength of a major banking group. This model, combined with strong portfolio management capabilities, offers many opportunities for synergies across the group, especially in the case of entrepreneurial projects. 


How do you view the 10th anniversary of BIL Manage Invest?  

We are proud to celebrate a decade of service to our clients. We have succeeded in establishing BIL Manage Invest as a trusted third-party management company and we will continue to pursue our ambitions to grow our assets under management. What sets our firm apart is the cohesion of the management team, the complementarity and diversity of the entire team, and the excellent working atmosphere. We look forward to continuing this success story with our clients, our partners, and our group, and to accompanying them in an increasingly complex world.  

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