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Alexandra Bircken ©Westtoer_AS-Deldycke

Beaufort24: A Journey Through Art and Connection  

In the heart of the eighth Triennale Beaufort, the theme "Fabric of Life" weaves a narrative of interconnection, exploring the public space's role in our immediate environment. 

How does Beaufort24 intertwine art and the environment?

The eighth Triennale Beaufort revolves around "Fabric of Life,": it emphasizes interconnectivity through a rich metaphor of woven lines and patterns, and highlights the importance of public spaces. The exhibition turns the coastal tramway from De Panne to Knokke-Heist into an interactive art trail, creating connections and building bridges between different landscapes.Artworks become arrative landmarks across ports, villages, and natural spaces, fostering a dialogue between visitors and the environment. Beaufort24 invites engagement with art dynamically integrated into the landscape, from sea spray to polders and coastal dykes, enriching the visitor's experience with its surroundings.


Can you highlight some must-see artworks in this edition? 

The eighth edition of Beaufort24 introduces eighteen new artworks, each embedding itself as an essential fixture within the Belgian coast's towns and villages. As the curator, I assert the uniqueness of each piece, advocating for a holistic sensory experience. Noteworthy artists like Filip Vervaet and Maëlle Dufour in De Panne, Johan Creten and Jorge Macchi in Koksijde-Oostduinkerke, through to Richard Deacon and Lucie Lanzini in Knokke-Heist, present their works. These installations, chosen for their specific locations, invite not just visual contemplation but physical interaction and atmospheric immersion. This edition underscores the importance of experiencing art in its chosen environment, emphasizing the tactile and the ephemeral aspects of engaging with these pieces. It is a testament to the diversity and depth of the artistic expressions showcased, each resonating with the landscape it inhabits, inviting viewers into a multi-sensory dialogue with the artwork and its surroundings.

Johan Creten - THE HERRING ©Westtoer_AS-Deldycke (1)_edited.jpg
Marius Ritiu - ©Westtoer_AS-Deldycke (1)


What significance do Luxembourgish visitors hold for the Belgian coast? 

Luxembourgish tourists hold a notable presence along the Belgian coast, evidenced by the 63,000 visitors in 2022, accounting for 6% of international guest arrivals. Their preference stems from the coast's proximity, marine air, relaxation opportunities, and positive past experiences. Distinguished by their penchant for gastronomy and shopping, they spend an average of 130 euros per night, contributing significantly to the local economy. With over half opting for hotel stays and a substantial number choosing vacation rentals, the Luxembourgish also own 1,600 secondary residences along the coast, notably a third in Knokke-Heist. Their economic impact, totaling nearly 50 million euros in 2022, highlights the Luxembourgish tourists' vital role in the coastal economy, marrying leisure with significant financial contribution

"Each artwork deserves a visit, to be experienced with all senses."



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