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Antonio Sedino (Ixellion): Why We Chose Luxembourg


Created in 2016, Ixellion has grown into a group with assets exceeding €2.2 billion. In an interview, Antonio Sedino, Ixellion’s CEO, explains why he is relocating Ixellion to Luxembourg.




































Why are you relocating Ixellion to Luxembourg?

We created Ixellion in 2016 with one goal: to nurture industrial innovation in a fast-changing universe. We enable the development of cutting-edge technologies and innovative materials through a unique platform of know-how, financing and networking. Our rapid growth allowed us to develop into a group with assets of over €2.2 billion. We focus on ambitious and sustainable industrial programs in the transportation and construction sectors. These programs are based on innovative nanostructured materials and breakthrough technologies, from blueprint to end of life. We have now started the next phase of our growth with multiple acquisitions and a listing in sight. After carefully studying all European jurisdictions, we concluded that Luxembourg is the best place to operate from.

“Luxembourg offers the full ecosystem of banks, experts and infrastructures that Ixellion needs to thrive.”

Why Luxembourg?

First, listing a company and preparing multiple mergers and acquisitions requires a state-of-the-art financial system. Luxembourg is an AAA country. It offers the full ecosystem of banks, experts and infrastructures that Ixellion needs to thrive. Moreover, we appreciate the way the Luxembourg Stock Exchange is pioneering green investments. Its principles are fully aligned with our vision to facilitate the creation of sustainable industrial ecosystems by bringing unexplored green solutions to the challenges our world is facing. But innovation also takes specialized agencies such as Luxinnovation and we are planning to work closely with them and the University of Luxembourg to accelerate several projects including nanotechnologies, AI and Microsoft’s Azure blockchain, to name a few.

Where do you see Ixellion in a few years?

We are planning to grow our team in Luxembourg to 50 people and we expect to grow our workforce to about 7,500 people distributed in several factories across Europe. Our aim is to deliver long-term, profitable growth and value creation based on four key pillars: acquisitions; organic growth of our newly acquired subsidiaries; investment in the development of revolutionary materials and technologies and re-investment of excess cash flows in both inorganic and organic growth initiatives. It would take hours to explain to you the magic of what we already do but let me give you a few examples: Ixellion owns know-how for electric motor technologies which have a variety of applications in the aeronautical and drone markets. Our proprietary nanostructured, composite solutions include high mechanical strength, reduced weight and volume, fire and impact resistance and heat insulation. Ixellion believes that waste management is a priority that must be tackled by leveraging the most advanced technology while respecting the environment. In the waste management segment, we bought Ki Energy, an innovative start-up envisioning the future of energy and waste made at small plants close to waste producers serving a community of energy consumers. All these projects are highly tangible. They generate jobs and taxes. We are happy to have EY Luxembourg working with us to establish our performance in full transparency.

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