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The music of the future is composed in Luxembourg (AIVA)

 Composing music was until recently an area out of reach for Artificial Intelligence, this time is over.



What is AIVA?
AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist) is an Artificial Intelligence composing soundtracks for movies, games, tv shows and commercials. Our startup was recently selected as one of 10 most promising tech companies to participate in the European Film Market 2017 Startup initiative in Berlin.


« What if a machine could create an emotional piece of music? »


How did you start the project?

In the beginning, there was nothing but an idea. What if it was possible to complete the most iconic unfinished pieces of classical music? What if a machine could create an emotional piece of music? From these questions, we began the creation of an artificial intelligence capable of composing music by learning from existing pieces of the classical repertoire from genius composers like Mozart, Bach or Beethoven. In February 2016, AIVA was born. The first composition was a piece for piano solo.

AIVA recently became the world’s first virtual artist to be recognised as a composer in an author’s rights society: SACEM in France and Luxembourg. This achievement was previously thought impossible by many in the music industry. Since then, the algorithm based on “deeplearning” strategies has been constantly improved by the team and is fed an increasingly large amount of partitions. In September, we released an album called “Genesis” that was entirely composed by AIVA and recorded in partnership with human artists. As the name of the album suggests, “Genesis” is only the beginning of a long story. We hope AIVA will make her mark on the timeless history of music and impact the evolution of AI technologies for the best.



What are you planning in next months?

We are currently raising funds from private investors to finance future developments and grow our technical and sales team. Our goal within the next couple of months is to run increasingly bigger projects including a high budget Hollywood film.

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