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Andrea Noorman and Coralie Billmann (3S Money) : Facilitating the Future of Females in Fintech


Andrea Noormann and Coralie Billmann Chief Revenue Officer Europe and COO Europe of 3S Money explain that the fintech and corporate ecosystems in Luxembourg are less “Techy-Geeky” than they used to be. By accommodating the advancement of women, they have seen the benefits arising from a more open, client-facing, gender-diverse environment.

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As a leader in the Lux Fintech sector, what are your thoughts on female leadership in this field and how do you see it evolving? 

Luxembourg’s Fintech and corporate landscapes have been transformed in recent years. When we started Fintech senior management was clearly dominated by men and the glass ceiling curtailing female advancement was still firmly in place.The Fintech sector, in particular, has shifted from a purely male-dominated “Techy-Geeky” ecosystem. Today we see more and more women occupying strategic seats either at C level or on the Board. The benefits have been a more open, client-facing environment to which gender diversity is contributing very positively. 

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“Several studies have proven the success of mixed management teams in companies.”  


Could you share some advice for women aspiring to take a prominent role in fintech in Luxembourg?

Aim for excellence - no less! You should countenance no approximation by always being on top of things! Know your company, your products, and the regulations. Don’t be afraid to take responsibility, collaborate, and seek advice from role models. Competition is fierce and this is for the best. Irrespective of gender the best advice I can give is always: Make your customer the priority! Look to the media to promote the advantages of female leaders. Look to associations and innovative companies to take female advancement and greater gender diversity onto their agendas. Meanwhile, you need to emphasize that several studies have proven the success of mixed management teams in companies. We should expect regulators to make it a requirement that women in Fintechs hold more senior management positions.


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How does your company support female leadership and diversity in this booming sector? 

3S Money is a true supporter of women in Fintech with over 50% of our managers being women. This is reflected across the company in every location and across functions. It has been a major benefit to the company that our founders and management team are true advocates of female advancement. This is not only a mission statement. Ivan our CEO is spearheading this effort as a Female Leadership Advocate. The fact the sector is booming means that it needs skilled staff. This creates great opportunities for encouraging more women into a sector that will benefit from their skills. We play our part in institutions and associations to push the benefits of greater gender diversity.

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