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360Crossmedia: Enter the Matrix 360!

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360Crossmedia is celebrating its first 22 years in business with three successive record years. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through our very efficient production system and innovations at all levels.  


A software called Trinity 

The production manager develops software called "Trinity.” This allows the automation of repetitive tasks - in particular reminders to authors – and the implementation of efficient workflows for our projects including magazines, videos, conferences and consulting assignments. This optimization enables us to operate in ways that are in tune with the times. Our experienced team in the Luxembourg office interacts around the world with demanding clients as well as coordinating hundreds of talented graphic designers, photographers, copywriters, videographers and computer scientists. The power of 360Crossmedia comes from the formats we have used for 22 years. For example, 99% of our articles contain 500 words and are structured in three parts. Photos and videos also follow specific formats. We therefore have a huge bank of preformatted content that we can combine at will to create LinkedIn posts, magazines, books or e-conferences in just a few clicks. Our customers save time and money. 


"Creating prime content remains difficult but all-around distribution today is a snap” 

Solving the content conundrum 

Communicating has never been easier, but the crux of the matter has remained the same for centuries: Creating the first content. We serve high-level experts in finance, private equity, law or technology, yet most of them find it difficult to write articles that are readable and which can convey memorable messages. The role of the content manager is to solve this problem with all the techniques available. He first helps the client company to plan how to tell a good story through six or twelve articles. We define the subjects, the authors and the deadlines. The authors then complete a questionnaire that takes about twenty minutes. They can return the questionnaire to us by email, over the phone or by filming themselves on their phone. This raw material is structured by 360Crossmedia before being sent to a specialist writer, trained by us. Forty-eight hours later, the customer receives a proofread article, ready to use, which they can refine as they see fit. The beauty of this model lies in how this article can be reused in almost unlimited ways: We can send it out as a press release, publish it on LinkedIn, in Andy or Duke magazines, develop a magazine, a video or an e-conference. Creating article content remains difficult but all-around distribution today is a snap. 


Videos from 30€ per day 

On the one hand, the head of videos helps our clients to make all their videos: Interviews, corporate videos, animations, production of live conferences and e-conferences. For this, he relies on a network of screenwriters, videographers and editors located in major cities around the world. On the other hand, he makes life easier for our customers with our flagship product: The 360Box. We are very proud of the partnership we have signed with the European Convention Center of Luxembourg, which validates the robustness of the technology that we invented. Our customers can use the 360Box in our studios in Luxembourg and Paris or their company offices. The full studio with two cameras, lamps, microphone, MacBook and 360Box costs only €30 per day including €10 for hardware, €10 for training and €10 for technical support. No assembly is necessary, and customers can often use it on their own! 

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