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Eva Guet (360Box): The Automated Mobile Video Studio 


The new version of the 360Box was successfully presented at Vivatech in June 2022. Eva Guet, leader of the project, explains the reasons for this success. 


What attracted French companies to the 360Box? 

We have installed three 360Box in Paris in the last few months. By attending Vivatech, we wanted to spread our presence. I was surprised by the great enthusiasm, but there is one main reason: Covid has forced all companies to move to video - at the speed of light! They are now faced with exorbitant prices from traditional video providers and are looking to install a video studio in their offices. This implies a budget often exceeding €100,000, requires hiring expensive staff, but with a low production capacity when editing is required. By getting rid of editing and the need for a technician, the 360Box, allows a reduction in price to only €45 per day with a production capacity of up to 100 videos in twenty-four hours. In this segment, we currently have a monopoly. Not only is it capable of producing all the effects of the pros - picture in picture, green backgrounds, overlay, etc. - but it is also mobile. That means it can be used anywhere in the company, at trade shows, or in conference centers. 


"We presented three new products at Vivatech in Paris"

What new features did you present at Vivatech? 

We presented three new features: First, the technical architecture of the 360Box has been further improved to make it easier to use it quickly anywhere. Secondly, we rolled out a new contract to buy the 360Box, as several CAC40 companies were unable to use our leasing model. Finally, we presented new special effects used for example for the conference. This allowed for recording speakers located in Paris, Tokyo, and New York and let them interact in a virtual studio in a spectacular way. The appeal of this type of production is colossal because it allows the intervention of very high-level experts while avoiding the old constraints: Plane travel, lost time, and the high price of booking an expert. 



Where do you see the 360Box in 3 to 5 years? 

The video industry is currently like a high-speed train. Innovations are coming at a rapid pace. With our current technological advantage, we decided to spin off 360Box from 360Crossmedia to accelerate its development. We are currently raising €4 million from investors with a city-by-city deployment strategy. At the same time, we are maximizing our efforts to finalize our first patent. However, at the speed things are going, the strongest protection remains success. We need to stay focused on executing our business strategy, day in and day out.

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